ROE TIG Week: Research on Evaluation – A Glance Towards Integrative Evaluation Science

Greetings! I’m Leslie Fierro, Assistant Clinical Professor of Evaluation at Claremont Graduate University and AEA Research on Evaluation TIG Chair. This week, aea365 is focusing on Research on Evaluation (RoE). As an avid fan of this topic, I’ll offer a working definition for RoE and provide some thoughts on where future fruitful research may emerge in our field.

Lessons Learned:

  1. People don’t always know what we are talking about! If there is one thing I’ve learned as an evaluation capacity builder, evaluator, and professor engaging in RoE it’s that that the first question people ask about this topic is…”What is RoE?” To date, we do not have a central definition – although scholars are busily working on creating definitions as you read this entry! As a frame of reference, I’ll offer up a definition I developed to orient my students to this topic, “A research investigation that generates findings with the intended purpose of creating a stronger evidence base and infrastructure for the applied practice of evaluation.”
  2. We are too insular – let’s leverage information from other disciplines to stimulate RoE. When students embark on RoE it is a rare occurrence that they are not stunned at the lack of research available in evaluation to build upon. Although it is often refreshing to learn that the “world is our oyster” that isn’t always so comforting when the goal is to do something of interest, add to the literature, and well…move on. All hope is not lost, I find in RoE we are often a bit to insular. Why not pursue studies that integrate decades of research in other disciplines (e.g., cognitive psychology, adult learning theory) when creating new RoE studies?

Rad Resources:

Interested in doing RoE, but not sure where to start? Here are some examples of what we might call “Integrative Evaluation Science” to stimulate creative research ideas that build upon established work in other fields and have great potential to benefit our growing field!

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