Promoting Your Consultancy Week: Rita Fierro on Authentic Marketing

I’m Rita Fierro, Ph.D. the founder of Fierro Consulting, LLC. As part of the Independent consulting TIG, I’m sharing with you resources and lessons learned from my branding process. I coined the expression “authentic branding” to indicate a process that focuses on one’s inner strengths and desires instead of the external market.

When I first started my business, I avoided marketing as long as I could. Eventually, I realized that branding was not separate from other aspects of my life:

Lessons Learned:

1)    Branding is the continuous evolution of a process of self-reflection: who am I and what do I really want from my life?

2)    Branding brought law of attraction to my work life once I got clear about who I wanted to be in my work: what resources and experiences do I want?

3)    Be brave! Someone told me once: “It’s the most quirky aspects of you that are most useful to branding.” When I present myself as an intellectual artist, no one ever forgets it.

4)    My best resources in branding were the bridges I created between seemingly opposite and irreconcilable aspects of my personality or interests.

5)    Spend some time focusing on the umbrella that embodies EVERYTHING you do. Once you are clear on what motivates your life, it will help with your tagline.

6)    Create personal vision and mission statements before business statements; it will help you identify the core principles you abide by in your life.

7)    Stay open to signals from the field. If in a year, 90% of your work is in a certain area, you probably should expand in that direction.

8)    Explore different frameworks at AEA; the field is so vast that I’m sure you’ll find an area that excites or motivates you!

9)    Commit to your ongoing professional development. Learn new skills and frameworks every year (at different conferences or trainings) and do the things you love that bring you joy and excitement in your work!

Rad Resource: Most branding books are targeted to men. Instead, Make a Name for Yourself is written with women in mind.

Rad Resource: This  Virtues ProjectTM list can help you identify your guiding principles and priorities.

Activity: Make an exhaustive list of the opposites among your personal passions (For instance: Academia and freelancing, artistic and academic writing, training and creating documentaries.) Include hobbies, profession, and historical passions.

Build a bridge between each pair by identifying a way these opposite can intersect (For instance: in the examples above: consulting for universities, writing two versions of the same research for different audiences, creating documentaries on how organizations changed after training). One of these bridges may be your brand!


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7 thoughts on “Promoting Your Consultancy Week: Rita Fierro on Authentic Marketing”

  1. These lessons learned provide an excellent way to start thinking about who you really want to be (or what you really want to be) as an independent evaluator. I like how they are linked to the personal and not just professional and how much deeper these suggestions are than what one normally reads. Very inspirational – I have already printed them and posted them to help me begin thinking more deeply about my brand/re-brand!

  2. Charles I. Obutte

    Very inspiring for people like me who are new to the world of M&E and intend to own a consultancy firm someday!…Thanks

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