MNEA Week: Leah Goldstein Moses on Evaluative Thinking

My name is Leah Goldstein Moses. I am the founder and President of the Improve Group, a national evaluation and planning consulting firm based in the Twin Cities. I am writing to share some recent experiences in evaluation capacity building initiatives, and taken together, they suggest that evaluative thinking is emerging as one of the most critical skills for practitioner leaders.

Hot tip: Practitioners, depending on their field of practice, are using many different terms that are relevant for evaluation. These include performance management or performance-based leadership, data-driven decision-making, systems thinking, and others. Because there are so many terms used, each with their own nuances, I try to use some basic questions to get at fundamental issues and ensure I understand what my clients need:

  • When making decisions, what information do you wish you had at your fingertips?
  • How does your team tend to work with data? For example, do you review things together, or do individuals provide summaries?
  • What questions are you asked about your work that you are unable to answer comfortably?
  • What do you think you do well? How do you know? What would you like to improve? Why do you think that needs to be improved?

Rad Resources: A number of studies have focused on evaluation capacity building, and the factors that help organizations internalize evaluation and/or think evaluatively. Some also talk about the necessary preconditions for evaluative thinking. (Thanks to our fantastic intern, Thomas Walton – MPH and PhD student at the University of Minnesota – for organizing these):

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