Memorial Week: Sharon Rallis on Remembering Kathy Bolland (1950-2015), Pioneer in Service to AEA

This is part of a series remembering and honoring evaluation pioneers leading up to Memorial Day in the USA on May 30.

My name is Sharon, a former AEA President and editor of the American Journal of Evaluation. Kathy Bolland contributed enormously to the evaluation field generally and AEA specifically. She contributed nearly 30 years of service to AEA in varying capacities. She was the 2015 recipient of the Robert Ingle Service Award posthumously.

Pioneering and enduring contributions:

Kathy Bolland

Kathy built and managed EvalTalk, the AEA listserv from 25 initial subscribers in 1995 to over 3,000 today. She served six years as AEA treasurer and on the AEA Executive Committee. She served on the America Journal of Evaluation Editorial Committee. She was Chair of the Social Work AEA Topical Interest Group.

Kathy was the face of AEA for many years before we had professional staff. It‘s likely that more people had interactions with Kathy through EvalTalk, especially in the early years of AEA, than with anyone else. That she was always welcoming, engaging, supportive, ethical, and responsive contributed to both AEA‘s growth in membership and the quality of discourse that has become the hallmark of AEA. Kathy pioneered and nurtured AEA‘s organizational culture of responsiveness and quality.

Kathy was a person whom AEA leadership could call on to help out whenever a task needed to be done thoroughly and in time; she contributed to the smoothness of more than one transition time for the organization; a team player, she offered reasoned and actionable ideas that have shaped AEA.

She was also a dedicated evaluation scholar-practitioner, examining the application of cutting edge ideas to social work and education. One of those cutting edge ideas was program evaluation.


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