Marissa Szabo and Humberto Reynoso-Vallejo on Engaging Stakeholders and Experts as Research Participants and/or as Members of the Advisory Committee

Hello, we are Marissa Szabo and Humberto Reynoso-Vallejo, members of the Chapter 224 research team evaluating the Health Care Cost Containment Law from the Office of the State Auditor in Massachusetts. This is another in a series of posts on lessons learned from the ongoing evaluation of Chapter 224 published during the March 8th week.

Given the wide scope of the Chapter 224 evaluation project, the research team needed to tap into the healthcare community for its advice, perspectives, and feedback. To this end, we assembled an advisory committee comprised of members from the health insurance industry, health care advocates, academia, labor, and professional organizations to gain diverse input.

At the first meeting of this advisory committee, the research team presented a draft of the evaluation plan for their consideration. Members of the board provided suggestions related to methodology, potential data sources, and provided valuable information on the overall logistics of the evaluation. Since that meeting, the team has been in regular contact with members of the committee for specific feedback on different aspects of the evaluation including reviewing sections of the evaluation plan, and providing additional support as needed.

In addition, stakeholders will be included as research participants in qualitative interviews complementing the quantitative component of the study. Stakeholders who belong to task forces, councils, commissions, agencies, boards and other groups associated with the enactment of Chapter 224 will be asked to participate in a brief on-line survey to assess initial observations and concerns related to the roll out of Chapter 224 legislation. Two follow-up interviews will be conducted with selected participants to explore their reactions to our quantitative findings

As the Chapter 224 evaluation project continues, the research team will continue to consult with the advisory committee and to engage key stakeholders to ensure the quality of this project.

Hot Tip: After an Advisory Committee meeting, follow up with members that provided specific feedback on aspects of the evaluation to keep them engaged.

Hot Tip: Include Key Stakeholders as participants in the research including taking part in surveys and participating in in-depth structured or semistructured qualitative interviews.

Hot Tip: Ask for their guidance in identifying data sources and other resources valuable to the evaluation process.

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