Labor Day Week: Molly Engle on Honoring Jim Altschuld

This is part of a two-week series honoring our living evaluation pioneers in conjunction with Labor Day in the USA (September 5).

Hi! I’m Molly Engle, a past president of AEA and professor and evaluation specialist at Oregon State University. I nominate Jim Altschuld (that is James W. Altschuld), the needs assessment guru.

Why I chose to honor this evaluator:

Having met Jim at the first joint meeting of Evaluation Network and Evaluation Research Society (ERS) in Austin, TX (the precursor conference and organizations to AEA) in 1981, we go back many years. He was active in ERS prior to that first joint meeting. At that time, and over the years since then, he has made (and continues to make) a case for needs assessment and (now) asset/capacity building. Evaluators must be able to have within their toolbox skills and methodologies that cover all aspects of a logic model. Needs assessment addresses the situation. Altschuld was awarded the AEA Alva and Gunnar Myrdal Evaluation Practice Award (2002) and the Evaluation Recognition Award from the Ohio Program Evaluation Group (1988). He also was awarded the outstanding teaching award at The Ohio State University (1988).

Contributions to our field:

As well as writing, teaching, and publishing in the area of needs assessment, Jim is one of the founding member of the Needs Assessment TIG, has served as president of the Ohio Program Evaluators Group, as well as serving as Program Chair for the 2002 AEA meeting. He wrote the first book on asset/capacity building as well as editing the Needs Assessment Kit (see below).


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