Kylie Hutchinson on The Internal Evaluator’s Carol

I’m Kylie Hutchinson, AEA Member, independent evaluator and owner of Community Solutions Planning & Evaluation, occasional aea365 contributor, and annual writer of Christmas carols for evaluators and not-for-profits. Each year, I adapt a carol to share with my colleagues and clients. Last year, Susan Kistler asked if I would share one with aea365 and I’m back again for a second year.

Hot Tip: Find the humor in what you do!

Rad Resource:

The Internal Evaluator’s Carol
(sung to the tune of ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’)

Oh come all ye data,
For this pilot program,
Oh show me, oh show me,
I have collected,
cleaned and analyzed,
Now prove that it’s effective,
Please prove that it’s effective,
Oh prove that it’s effective!

I must remain,
Arms length and objective,
Although the management,
is pressuring me.
What will they say?
If I find no impact,
I must be strong, not waver,
I’m doing them a favor,
We’ll learn from this I wager,

Time for statistics,
Chi Square and Regression,
T-test, ANOVA,
My fingers are crossed.
Thanks be to those for,
Program Eval Standards,
You are my point of reference,
But really it’s my preference,
I’m asking for with deference,

Rad Resource: You can find other carols on my website here.

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2 thoughts on “Kylie Hutchinson on The Internal Evaluator’s Carol”

  1. Kylie, thank you for your willingness to share your wit (and wisdom!). You have brightened my day and I am already blessed.
    Peace and joy to you and yours, -Susan

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