Jayne Corso Shares Useful Social Media and SEO Tips

Hi my name is Jayne Corso and I am the Community Manager for AEA. I recently attended a social media class hosted by the American Marketing Association. The class mainly focused on Google integration and social media advertising and, although some of the advice I received was aimed towards more corporate organizations with a full-time community manger, I thought I would share some tips that would be useful for you to establish more engagement for your website, blog, or social media channels.

Google Integrates Social Media

In case you haven’t noticed, social media accounts now pop up under Google searches. The social media sites are usually the second or third entry when someone searches for your organization. This shows how important social media has become and having a presence on these sites can bring more attention to your organization.  This new feature in Google also extends the life of a social media posting. In the past Facebook posts would have a lifespan of 24 hours and Twitter even shorter with only a few hours, but now posts can be relevant for several days.

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Rethink Google+

Google+ has never gained the popularity of other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram—but is it worth taking a second look at this channel? Yes, Google+ helps with website or blog SEO (search engine optimization). We have known for years that using industry keywords in website content and in blog posts can increase SEO. If you use those same keywords on your Google+ page, you can also drive traffic to your website or blog. Even if your Google+ page is not very engaging, it can still benefit your blog or website traffic in the long run.

Lessons Learned:

Here are few other takeaways from the class that can help you on social media!

  • Twitter posts have a short life span, so try tweeting your posts multiple times. You can also test best days of the week and times for your postings.
  • If you are promoting a webinar you are participating in or hosting try replacing “webinar” with “live conversation”. This tactic tends to work better, especially for Twitter.
  • If you have the capacity, track matrix on your social media accounts. These matrix can track followers, likes, retweets, and mentions over time.
  • Start an editorial calendar. Outline your social media content by month or week to help you stay organized and keep your content relevant.

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