Jayne Corso on Writing Effectively for Facebook

Hi my name is Jayne Corso and I am the Community Manager for AEA. Facebook is a great tool for reaching other evaluation professionals. The platform makes it easy to share relevant articles, videos, and thoughts with your followers. However, It can be difficult to get your posts on your follower’s newsfeeds because Facebook only shares 12% of your content. You can increase this percentage by writing effective and engaging Facebook posts!

Hot Tip: Keep your post short

Facebook posts should be 1-3 sentences. If a post is too long, a “see more” button will appear. Nine times out of 10 Facebook users will not click on this button and read the rest of your content. Keeping your post short and sweet can make a big difference in engagement.

Hot Tip: Ask you followers to interact

Asking your followers to comment encourages engagement and involvement. You can use this tactic by stating “like this post if you agree” or “share your thoughts in the comments”. Another way to encourage engagement is to ask your followers for advice. This tactic often starts a discussion on your page.

Hot Tip: Make your links compelling

When posting a link to an article on your Facebook page, make sure the link has a compelling photo and interesting title. These are editable fields, meaning you can customize how your link appears. Sometimes links can pull titles and pictures that are not relevant to your content.

Hot Tip: Use different types of posts

Mix up the content formats you are posting to your page. Use a mix of links, pictures, videos, and albums to make your page more interesting.

What are your favorite Facebook tips? Tell us in the comments!

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