Jayne Corso on the Advantages of Twitter

Hi my name is Jayne Corso and I am the Community Manager for AEA.

With Evaluation 2015 coming up, I thought this would be a good time to talk about how Twitter can keep you connected to AEA and the conference. Twitter is a great resource because it is not meant for connecting with friends and family, but for having conversations with people you actually want to communicate with who may otherwise seem out of reach. Twitter is great for a conference, because it allows you to share and learn from other attendees easily and without limitations.


Use The Hashtag: Follow Evaluation 2015 through #Eval15. This will allow you to see updates from the AEA team and insights from other attendees. Share your own experiences or pictures from the event by using #Eval15 in your posts. Last year the #Eval14 Twitter feed was very active and provided a great view of lessons learned at the conference.

Follow Others: The great thing about twitter is that you can easily follow other people without waiting for a friend request to go through. We recommend you follow speakers, exhibitors, and other evaluators who are tweeting about the conference. We have found that people who are active on twitter while attending the conference often tweet about evaluation issues all year long. Below are few suggestions:


Stephanie Evergreen: @evergreendata

Ann K. Emery: @AnnKEmery

Sheila Robinson: @SheilaBRobinson

Kirk Knestis: @Knestis


American Institutes for Research: @AIR_Info

Battelle: @Battelle

Gravic, Inc. – Remark Software: @RemarkSoftware

Westat: @westat

Don’t be Afraid to Post: Get in the Twitter game and posts your favorite experiences at Evaluation 2015. Share an insight you gained during a presidential strand session, take a photo of one of our more than 300 posters and share your thoughts, or snap a photo with new friends and existing colleagues. Sharing your experiences helps people who are not able to attend the conference better understand the take-aways of Evaluation 2015. Your insights can also help attendees to gain an overall prospective of the activities taking place at the event.

I look forward to seeing everyone on Twitter!

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