How VOPEs Support EvalAgenda2020 by Jennifer Bisgard

AEA365 Curator note: Please enjoy this article, part of a 5-part miniseries on VOPEs – Voluntary Organization for Professional Evaluation.

Hello everyone. I am Jennifer Bisgard, an evaluator based in South Africa.  Over the last 25 years as an evaluator, I have been very involved in VOPEs.  This includes my role as the founding chair of SAMEA, board member of AfrEA and of the International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation and an active member of the EvalPartners Management Group.  I’m also an international member of AEA.

As the final VOPE related post this week, I’m going to speak about the The Global Evaluation Agenda (EvalAgenda) which provides a road map towards the vision for the future of evaluation profession.

The EvalAgenda was jointly developed by thousands of evaluators from different countries and organizations and endorsed by the delegates of the EvalPartners Global Evaluation Forum held at the Parliament of Nepal in November 2015.  It was the culmination of the 2015 UN International Year of Evaluation (EvalYear).

Rad Resource: The EvalAgenda points us to the rad resource Eval2020 Agenda, and set up several forums which include:

  1. EvalSDGs — a network of policy makers, institutions and practitioners who advocate for the evaluability of the performance indicators of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and support processes to integrate evaluation into national and global review systems.
  2. EvalGender – a global partnership to promote the demand, supply and use of Equity Focused and Gender Responsive Evaluations
  3. EvalYouth — a network to support new and emergent evaluators
  4. EvalIndigenous — multi-stakeholder partnership which, through the recognition of the different world views and valuing the strengths of Indigenous evaluation practices will advance the contribution of Indigenous evaluation to global evaluation practice
  5. Global Parliamentarian Forum – a network of legislators who support and demand evaluation results across the globe.

The GEA documents the four essential dimensions of the evaluation system make up: (1) the enabling environment for evaluation, (2) institutional capacities, (3) individual capacities for evaluation, and (4) inter-linkages among these first three dimensions.

The Global Evaluation Agenda is a particatory process and VOPEs (and organizations, governments or any interested party) can make their declaration of what they will achieve by 2020.  The declarations are then loaded on to the EvalPartners website.

Rad Resource: Here is the declaration made by AEA Declaration – English (Word)

Learn more about EvalYear:

The Bishkek Forum report includes an account of the work done to 2017 and Network plans for the near future:

Think about making your own declaration by your AEA affiliate or VOPE!

Cool Tip: Use this template to write your own declaration

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