Feminist TIG Week: Rituu Nanda and The story of gender and evaluation in an online community

Hi, I am Rituu B Nanda and I work on M&E, community engagement, participatory action research and knowledge management. I work with multiple organisations like Institute of Social Studies Trust (ISST), Anti-Slavery International, and Constellation. I moderate an international online community of practice (CoP) – Gender and Evaluation – under ISST’s project “Engendering Policy through Evaluation.”

Sharing of ideas and experiences is key in meaningful evaluation process. The CoP is aimed to bring together all interested in evaluation- commissioners of evaluation, researchers, evaluators, implementers, government officials, and policy makers. In India, we have a strong feminist evaluation group and have realized we have much more to learn from peers. Therefore we set up an international online community. Currently we have 1733 members.

Hot tip: Numbers are important, but far more important is a vibrant community. Features like blogs, videos and photos have given us an opportunity to share.

Hot tip: Encourage the use of the discussion forum to raise queries. For instance I recently attended a session on a photo voice tool at AES Conference and was keen to learn what was the experience of members. Members responded from different parts of the world to share their experience.

By offering members different tools we are trying to engage them to become content creators and participants in the discussion around the issues they work on.

Lessons Learned:

  • When I invite people to join the community, many of them say that they do not work in the field of gender and equity. Over the years I have realised that gender and equity is about using a specific lens at every stage in evaluation. We can use any methodology or approach.
  • I would love that language should not be a barrier for us to share. We will find a way around it by using google translate.

Thus, our endeavor is to create new knowledge, gather existing knowledge, organize, share and adapt it. We believe that if we continue to nurture a space that our members value, members can become the biggest advocates of our network. Our dream is to use these platforms to influence policy on gender and equity sensitive lens in evaluation.

Rad Resource: Consider this a warm invite to join our community…sign up at http://gendereval.ning.com/

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1 thought on “Feminist TIG Week: Rituu Nanda and The story of gender and evaluation in an online community”

  1. Emily De La Garza

    Your international organization sounds like a great resource. I also agree with your lesson learned in that equity should be a lens that every evaluator can use in all stages of the process. On the surface of our fast changing world it is probably likely you will find many that are hesitant about joining a community that has a focus on gender and equity; however, many must realize that this should be a mandatory focus and not just an option in evaluation. Your efforts to make the community grow and prosper should lead it to success and I wish you the best of luck.

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