Felix Landry on Four Fantastic Open-Access Online Journals for Evaluators and Researchers

I am Felix Landry and I work as an independent consultant in North Dakota. I don’t have a large academic library available to me and must rely primarily on online options for my professional reading. AEA members have online access to four journals as part of our membership: The American Journal of Evaluation, New Directions for Evaluation, Evaluation Review and Evaluation and the Health Professions. For each of these, we can sign in to the AEA website and view current and archival articles. But, did you know that there are other journals that are publicly available, without signing in, and are of likely interest to many evaluators?

Rad Resource – Journal of Multidisciplinary Evaluation: The Journal of Multidisciplinary Evaluation (JMDE) is published twice each year out of Western Michigan University. Christ Coryn serves as Executive Editor and Michael Scriven and E Jane Davidson serve as editors. The articles cover all aspects of the field and many come from graduate students as well as more seasoned contributors.

Rad Resource – Community Development Investment Review: From the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, The Community Development Investment Review looks and financial issues and nonfinancial impacts of financial investments. Don’t think it has much for evaluators? Consider the 2010 article on Learning Social Metrics from International Development or the entire 2009 issue devoted to Nonfinancial Performance Measurement.

Rad Resource – Practical Assessment, Research & Evaluation: Striving to “have a positive impact on assessment, research, evaluation, and teaching practice,” Practical Assessment, Research, & Evaluation (PARE), posts articles as they become available, defining a volume as all of the articles posted within a year. The content focuses heavily on evaluation and assessment in education settings.

Rad Resource – Annals of GIS: For those of you working with Geographic Information Systems, check out the Annals of GIS Journal from the International Association of Chinese Professionals in GIS. Notably, although the sponsors are Chinese Professionals, the contributions come from around the world.

Hot Tip – Genamics Journal Seek: Genamics Journal Seek is the largest searchable database of open access online journals, claiming to index over 97,000 titles.

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