#Eval2016 Week: Liz Zadnik on Evaluation 2016: Absorbing it all!

Hi there!  Liz Zadnik, aea365’s Outreach Coordinator here, with my first-timer perspective on the conference.  Fate has intervened the past few years, so I was thrilled when the stars aligned and I was able to be here.  I have learned so much and been in non-stop awe, from the opening plenary (#Breart) to the poster presentations to each session facilitator.  Writing this post was a bit of a challenge – I want to adequately convey all that’s happened.   

Rad Resources:   

  • The Evaluation 2016 app has really helped me feel a little more organized and connected to goings-on.  I loved that it was a one stop shop for social media conversations, contacts, and notes.  It kept me from fumbling with a notebook.  
  • TIG Business Meetings are phenomenal ways to connect with like-minded professionals.  I’m not a particularly outgoing or gregarious person, so more structured social events help me feel more at ease.  I also loved chatting with folks who I’ve admired from afar for years.  
  • I’m a sucker for poster presentations so I had to spend some time talking with authors and appreciating the vast array of projects and knowledge in that space.  I’m also a bit of a design enthusiast and love to hear the process of how folks decide to present their work.  

Hot Tip: Social media is your friend.  Can’t attend a session?  Check out #Eval2016 and #eval16 from time to time and see what nuggets folks share from that session (and others).  I loved reading the brilliance that was spilling out of every session and interaction throughout the conference. I definitely found some new Twitter accounts to follow!

Lesson Learned: Breathe.  I was so overwhelmed leading up to and the first day or two of the conference.  I wanted to wake up at the crack of dawn and attend every possible session.  But after a few hours, my mind was all jumbly and nothing seemed to be absorbing.  So I prioritized specific sessions, but also made time to eat, synthesize my thoughts, and brainstorm topics for future blog posts and projects.  I felt guilty at first, but then realized this time to process and reflect helped me feel energized and present throughout the day.   

Being here has been a real treat – time that has energized me and deepened my love of evaluation.  I can’t wait for what tomorrow brings.  Thanks to everyone who has made this conference possible!  My calendar is already marked for next year!

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