#Eval15 Week: Sheila B Robinson on What’s Happening at #Eval15

Hello aea365-ers and #Eval15 conference goers! I’m Sheila B Robinson, aea365’s Lead Curator, sometimes Saturday contributor, and this week…conference-goer!

Lesson Learned: The Twittersphere is lighting up with #Eval15 happenings!

Earlier this week on aea365 Stewart Donaldson, our 2015 AEA president, shared conference registration data with us. Now, he’s tweeted the following update:

Tom Archibald challenged us to find examples of evaluative thinking at the conference, and sure enough, it’s happening!

Innovation Network is conducting a crowdsourced mini-study on evaluation approaches at the vendors’ exhibit, and here’s what they are learning:

Jayne Corso invited you to use hashtag #Eval15 to stay up-to-date with conference updates and engage in conversations with other attendees, and indeed you are:

Hot Tip: Jayne mentioned a few tweeters to follow in yesterday’s post. Here are a few more high-flyers in the #eval Twittersphere who are already generously sharing their learning with us this week.

  • Brian at Strong Roots @StrongRoots_SK
  • Nicole Clark @NicoleClarkLMSW
  • Innovation Network @Innonet_Eval
  • Kim Firth Leonard @KimFLeonard
  • Laura Beals @laurabeals
  • Beeta Tahmassebi @btahmassebi

Cool Trick: Tweet your learning if you’re attending the conference in Chicago or virtually and follow #Eval15 along with other tweeters, but don’t spend too much time with your face in the electronic device! After all, the people watching is fun, too!



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1 thought on “#Eval15 Week: Sheila B Robinson on What’s Happening at #Eval15”

  1. Loving the #eval15 use! As someone who can attend neither in person or virtually, the twitter presence is a great tool for tracking information shared and connections to organizations or people connected to different ideas/resources. It’s providing a super interesting sneak peak into what sessions are being attended, what quotes resonate, and some links to resources being presented or received.

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