Enter the AEA 2017 Video Contest! By Kathy Newcomer

Hi!  I’m Kathy Newcomer, president of the American Evaluation Association.  I would like to learn and share what the AEA 2017 Conference theme “From Learning to Action” means to evaluators! To help share the theme across as wide an audience as possible, we’re inviting folks to submit brief videos that explore just this.   Links to winning videos will be posted on the AEA web page, and the top video will be featured during the opening plenary.   Up to five winners will also get great prizes!

Hot Tip: Your video doesn’t have to have high tech special effects or big name Hollywood stars.   By June 16th, submit a brief 45 to 60 second video addressing one or more of these questions:

  • What does the Evaluation 2017 theme From Learning to Action mean to you personally or professionally?
  • What could the theme mean to other evaluators?
  • What can the theme mean for the evaluation profession?

See more on how to enter your video here.

Hot Tip:  Consider the conference sub themes:

Learning to Enhance Evaluation Practices:  Evaluation theory and practice has been dynamically developing with innovative and expanding approaches. What are new developments in practicing and teaching evaluation that may advance our contribution to the generation of knowledge about effective human action?

Learning What Works and Why: Evaluation studies have been providing evidence about the effectiveness, efficiency, and utility of public programs and policies. We have been learning about mechanisms that contribute to the successes or failures of interventions. What have we learned about what works and why in different sectors and contexts, that could be useful for policy practitioners in improving public policies?

Learning from Others:  New communities such as behavioral insight teams, social labs, big data analysts, and design thinkers offer new insights to inform effective programs and policies. What can we learn from other communities, including evaluation communities outside of the US, to advance evaluation practice and knowledge about promising tools and approaches?

Learning About Evaluation Users and Uses:  For years’ evaluators have been struggling to increase meaningful use of evaluation by stakeholders. What have we learned about users of our work, their ways of acquiring and using knowledge, and useful ways to support them in applying evaluation findings to improve practice?

Need more ideas? See more on the conference theme here.

Rad Resource: Not sure how to get started making your brief video?

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