EEE Week: Melissa Cater on Extension Evaluation

My name is Melissa Cater, and I am an assistant professor and evaluation specialist at Louisiana State University AgCenter. I am also serving as Chair of the AEA Extension Education Evaluation Topical Interest Group (EEE-TIG) this year. The EEE-TIG provides a professional development home for Extension professionals who are interested in program evaluation; we also welcome other individuals who are evaluating non-formal education outreach programs in a community setting. The EEE-TIG goals provide a guiding framework for the membership.

Hot Tip: Our TIG has provided a place for Extension professionals to become more collaborative. If you are searching for a way to become more involved in evaluation, join a TIG. The networking opportunities are endless.

This week’s aea365 blog posts are sponsored by the EEE-TIG. I invite you to learn more about who we through this week’s series of posts. You’ll see that we have a range of interests within our membership from evaluating agricultural programs, to teaching evaluation, to supporting participatory community research, to building evaluation capacity.

Hot Tip: You can learn even more about the EEE-TIG and the varied interests of our members by viewing our archived blog posts.

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Hot Tip: Want to learn about the diversity of programs that are being evaluated in Extension? Check out the Journal of Extension to see the breadth of topics.

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