DVR TIG Week: VirBela (Avatar-based Communication Platform): An Alternative to Zoom-Fatigue by David Fetterman

Hi! I’m David Fetterman, President & CEO, Fetterman and Associates, past-president of AEA, founder of empowerment evaluation, author/editor of 17 books, and the recipient of both the Lazarsfeld and Myrdal Awards.

Tired of meeting on Zoom all day?  Want a bit more than talking heads to keep your colleagues, students, and clients engaged?  Try an avatar-based format.  VirBela allows you to communicate with people in a more “embodied” and collaborative manner.  

You create your own avatar. In my case, I pick white or gray hair, glasses, a polo shirt, and jeans.  Linda, my evaluation colleague, selects a purple outfit, dark hair, and sneakers.  We meet in virtual classrooms and present our PowerPoint slides to prepare for an empowerment evaluation exercise.  Later we sit by the beach in a private area to discuss the pros and cons of using a survey or focus group for our next task.

Image of VirBela screen with avatars of David and Linda.

Hot Tip:

Navigating from room to room is easy – just select the setting from a menu.  Moving around the campus simply requires the use of directional arrow keys.

Cool Trick:

One of the benefits of this collaborative meeting platform is that it gives you the sense of meeting with people in a shared setting at a conference, classroom, or recreational area.  Just like in a professional association conference, you can “take off” on a boat and talk about both work and family – all from your desktop computer.

Rad Resource:

Give it a try when you want to enhance participation and collaboration, particularly with youth. It is a good way to keep everyone attentive and motivated, while combating Zoom-fatigue. I have a brief tour on YouTube at:

For more information about VirBela see:

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