DemTIG Week: Expanding the Toolkit for DRG Evaluators: New DRG Evaluation E-learning and Resources by Antonella Guidoccio and Claudia Olavarria

We are Antonella Guidoccio and Claudia Olavarría, both  international evaluation consultants and members of the EvalYouth team. We have developed these tools with the contributions of a group of generous and committed professionals and organizations, and we hope they will be a valuable resource for you, your organization, and the evaluation community.

Recently, the International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation (IOCE), released two free and open tools for those interested in learning more about Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance (DRG) Evaluation. These tools aim to strengthen the DRG evaluation capacities of two complementary audiences: (1) individual evaluators–through an interactive DRG Evaluation e-learning course)–and, (2) Voluntary Organizations for Professional Evaluators (VOPEs)–with the incorporation of a DRG evaluation section in the EvalPartners VOPE Toolkit.

Where do these tools come from?

Both DRG Eval tools were developed within a partnership between IOCE, EvalPartners, and the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor.

The design of these tools was grounded in the experiences and lessons shared by teams of evaluators from diverse VOPEs worldwide, which implemented DRG evaluation projects through Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and Innovation Challenge projects. In the spirit of open and democratic collaboration, the design of both tools also incorporated valuable insights that were generously shared by a team of international DRG evaluation experts from diverse organizations, as well as inputs from literature and enlightening examples of DRG evaluation projects.

For whom are these DRG Eval  tools useful?

If you are an evaluator looking for opportunities to develop your individual capacities, review examples and debates, and learn useful tips about DRG evaluation practice, we invite you to  register for the DRG Eval Elearning course here. In this e-learning course, you can improve your subject matter expertise by learning how practitioners and scholars define certain DRG terms, as well as reviewing real project evaluation examples.

If you are part of a VOPE or collaborate with one, and you are looking for ideas to develop institutional capacities to make sure that the work of your organization contributes to the strengthening of Democracy, Human Rights, and/or Governance, we invite you to take a look at the DRG Eval VOPE TOOLKIT section here. In this Toolkit you will find ideas, tips, tools, and inspiration (we hope) on how evaluators can advocate for more evaluation that improves Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance outcomes.

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