Dan McDonnell on Improving Your Google + Authorship Efforts

My name is Dan McDonnell and I am the Community Manager for the American Evaluation Association.

In my last post, we touched on how evaluators can use Google + Authorship to add photos to their blog posts that will appear in Google search results. Besides making search results prettier, these photos can help you with grow your personal brand, as well as increase the likelihood that someone clicks through to read your post from Google. In this post, I will outline a few more tips and tricks for making Authorship work for you.

Hot Tip: Choose Your Photo Carefully

The photo that displays in search results comes directly from your Google + Profile Picture. As such, you’ll want to ensure that you choose a photo that shows your entire face – no avant-guard snapshots! In addition, Google will not display mascots or logos, so a real, human photo of yourself is the best way to go.

Hot Tip: Easy Authorship with Email Verification

The method I described in my last post demonstrated how to set up authorship on individual posts with a rel=author tag. If you have an email that is on the same web domain as your blog (for instance, if I had dmcdonnell@aea365.org) , it’s as simple as adding that email address to your contact information in your Google + Profile. Once you’ve done that, any post you make will simply need to link back to your Google + profile, no rel=author tag needed.

Hot Tip: Even Easier Authorship with WordPress

If your blog is hosted on WordPress, the process is even more automatic. Sign into WordPress.com with your Google + login information, and any WordPress post you make will automatically ‘author-ized.’ Hopefully, Google makes this a more integrated and automated procedure for other blogging platforms down the line.

Hot Tip: Guide to Troubleshooting Authorship

Having trouble getting Google + Authorship to work? Searchengineland.com has created a really nifty guide to troubleshooting issues – see below.

How To Troubleshoot Authorship Issues: Step by Step Flowchart

Do you use Google + frequently? If not, why not?

Dan McDonnell on Google +

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