Dan McDonnell on a Few Recent AEA365 Posts You May Have Missed

Hello evaluators, my name is Dan McDonnell and I am a Community Manager for the American Evaluation Association (AEA). AEA365 recently had a small technological blip, which resulted in about a dozen posts not being emailed out to subscribers in early January. On behalf of AEA365, I want to offer our readers an apology for any inconvenience the downtime may have caused, and also to thank you for your patience while we fixed things right up.

In this post, I’d like to highlight a number of excellent AEA365 posts from evaluators in the community that you may have missed this month. So without further ado…

January 2nd: Bloggers Week: Karen Anderson on On Top Of the Box Evaluation
Wherein we meet an outstanding evaluation blogger who shares her secrets.

January 3rd: Bloggers Week: Molly Hamm on Learning Culture
A newbie evaluation blogger shares her favorite evaluation blog posts, tips and tricks.

January 4th: Dan McDonnell on Improving Your Google + Authorship Efforts
Want to learn how to leverage Google + Authorship to help your blog in search results?

January 5th: CEA Affiliate Week: Leah Christina Neubauer on Chicago-Based Evaluators and Including AEA Local Affiliates in Your 2014 Evaluator Learning Resolution Plans
Learn how getting involved in your local evaluation affiliate can help you grow in 2014.

January 6th: CEA Affiliate Week: Sarah Rand, Amy Cassata, Maurice Samuels and Sandra Holt on iPad Survey Development for Young Learners
The story of how using iPads for data collection proved a game-changer in a study of youths.

January 7th: CEA Affiliate Week: Chelsey Leruth on Nuts and Bolts of Telephone Survey Administration
An excellent accounting of lessons learned during the administration of a telephone survey.

January 8th: CEA Affiliate Week: Jonathan Margolin on Online Activity Logs: Low Cost and High Impact for Multisite Evaluations
Wondering what approach is best for multisite evaluations? Read on…

There you have it! Seven of the latest AEA365 blog posts that we’re delighted to share with you today. If you like what you’ve read, please click the share buttons to share the wealth, or take the opportunity to leave a comment and start a dialogue with the author of the post. By doing so, you’ll be doing your part in helping to continue to make our community of evaluators grow even stronger.

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