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Cady Stokes
Cady Stokes

Hi there! My name is Cady Stokes and I am the Editor of the AEA Newsletter. Creating valuable, meaningful content on your blog or website is imperative if you wish to stay relevant in today’s society. I have rounded up a few quick tips to ensure the content you’re producing will always be relevant and can help you out if you’re feeling a case of writer’s block coming on.

  1. Cool Tricks: Do Your Research

Content creation isn’t always as easy as people like to think it is. There will always be times when you find yourself sitting at your computer, hands hovering over your keyboard, and willing the thoughts to pop into your head. These are the times where you need to look at what your competitors are doing. What are you trying to achieve and how are others doing so successfully? What are popular trends going on within the community? What’s their trick? By taking just a few moments out of your day to Google a few keywords and browse a few websites, you’ll be surprised at all the ideation that will come to you!

  1. Cool Tricks: Reach Out and Use Others

It may seem like cheating, but reaching out to someone for ideas or information they’ve seen within the industry lately can be very resourceful. Guest writers are a hugely popular trend right now and can bring traffic to your site. Dedicated readers will be intrigued when someone unfamiliar has written site content with a new perspective. Q&A’s are also a way to easily get content that involves very little creative time and energy – but are very well received by the public.

  1. Cool Tricks: Review and Roundup

A fantastic way to not only create content, but to bring your audience back to older posts, is to roundup and highlight previous content for readers to go back and take another look at. Pick a new product, book, podcast, event, or website to evaluate and review. Opinion pieces are great if you’re looking to create conversation within your community.

Creating content can be done simply if you’re using the right resources and evaluating the right content around you. By taking the time to research, reach out, review, and roundup, content will create itself!


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