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I’m Gail Barrington, President of Barrington Research Group, Inc. I would never describe myself as an early adopter, especially when it comes to technology, so the fact that I am even writing this blog is amazing! After I finished my book, Consulting Start-up and Management: A Guide for Evaluators and Applied Researchers, I still had a lot to say, and blogging seemed the best way to reach out. My blog is written for evaluators, applied researchers, and students who have begun or are considering a career as an independent consultant.

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Hot Tips – favorite posts:

I have written seven blogs to date with more in the pipeline. My favorites are:

Lessons Learned:

Why I blog: Providing research services in a business context presents unique challenges and I try to address these in my blog. Because I also want to have a little writing fun, every fifth blog is a continuing coffee shop dialogue by a cast of consulting characters (#5 Do I Have What It Takes to Be a Consultant). Stay tuned.

Blogging frequency: I write one blog a month. This may not seem like much but what scares me the most about blogging is its immediacy. My initial thoughts aren’t that interesting. I need time to interpret, expand, reflect, and revise them until they are ready to publish. This takes me about a week.

Planning topics: I have a running list of five topics and set up a file for each. It is easier to begin writing when you don’t have to determine the topic at the last minute.

Using photos: I always missed the visual component when writing technical evaluation reports, so I really enjoy selecting the right photo for each blog. Acting as a visual metaphor or an example, the photo turns each blog into an on-line magazine article.

Content management: I had to learn the content management system for my website in order to post my blogs. People tell me there are easier ways to blog but at least I can now update everything on my site myself and it sure beats paying a web designer. Please send me any thoughts or suggestions you may have about how to improve my blog. I look forward to hearing from you.

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