Best of aea365 week: Theresa Murphrey on Jing

My name is Theresa Murphrey and I am on the faculty at Texas A&M University. I teach both traditional classroom based student as well as distance-based learners from around the world. I have been working with a new tool that I have found to be extremely useful in facilitating teaching and learning.

2014 Update: I have now used this tool for the past several years and still find it to be extremely useful in facilitating teaching and learning.

Rad Resource: Jing is a technology that allows one to capture what is seen on the computer screen and audio using a microphone to create a video that can be easily shared online. The use of Jing can enhance, extend, and support the delivery of course content by having students apply what is presented in the course. Technologies such as Jing offer ways to allow students to express themselves and increase sensory input, thus increasing the chance that we can engage the student and enhance learning. Use of such technologies in an experiential process allows students to gain ownership of their ideas and communicate these ideas more clearly.

Approaches to Using Jing for Assignments:

  • Ask students to find an answer to a question using the Internet and share that answer using Jing in a recording of the Internet site and their explanation.
  • Ask students to review specific material and relate a particular finding to themselves personally in a recording using Jing.
  • Ask students to create a presentation and record that presentation using Jing.
  • Verbally annotate electronically-submitted student work products, providing detailed and contextually clear feedback and guidance

Jing may be found online at

2014 Update:  I demonstrated Jing as part of the AEA Coffee Break Demonstration Series on February 18, 2010. To learn more, click here. The webinar recording is free for AEA members. Click here for a handout on Jing, free for everyone!

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