Dan McDonnell

Dan McDonnell on Improving Your Google + Authorship Efforts

In my last post, we touched on how evaluators can use Google + Authorship to add photos to their blog posts that will appear in Google search results. Besides making search results a bit more pretty, these photos can help you with grow your personal brand, as well as increase the likelihood that someone clicks through to read your post from Google. In this post, I will outline a few more tips and tricks for making Authorship work for you.

Dan McDonnell on Making New Friends and Mastering Lesser-Known Twitter Features Without Third Party Apps

Since its conception, Twitter has seen dozens of third party applications sprout up to make new features and functionalities available to users. While these apps (such as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Buffer and others), do offer new and interesting toolsets in the way of Twitter monitoring and publishing, many of these features are available in the vanilla (basic) Twitter client. For today’s Saturday AEA365 post, we’ll cover a couple of quick hit Twitter tips on how to use these standard tools to unlock useful features and find new connections.

Dan McDonnell on Twitter Etiquette and Data Archiving

My name is Dan McDonnell, and I am a Community Manager at the American Evaluation Association.

If you couldn’t already tell, I am a huge fan of Twitter, both personally and professionally. Whether I’m analyzing the latest set of #eval tweets, seeking new craft beer releases, or making connections with new people who share my similar interests, I am logged into Twitter 365 days a year. I am constantly learning new, interesting ways to get great data out of Twitter, and to better engage with my fellow Tweeters. In this post, I’ll outline five short tips you can add to your bag of Twitter tricks, and help you on your road towards becoming a Twitter Power User.

Dan McDonnell on Using Twitter to Add Value to Your Evaluation 2013 Experience

Evaluation2013 ( #eval13 in Twitter hashtag speak) is less than two weeks away, and already, social media is abuzz with conversation around the conference. Twitter is a truly incredible tool that can greatly enhance your conference experience. You can connect with speakers and other attendees before you arrive in DC, engage in dialogue, capture your key learnings and observations throughout the week — and then evaluate the key trends and topics discussed when you return home. Here’s how to get started.

Stephanie Evergreen on Scott Chaplowe’s Fab Five Reboot

Hey! I’m Stephanie Evergreen and among other things I run AEA’s Potent Presentations Initiative. Lately we’ve been working with eStudy presenters to reboot just five of their slides. Great speakers and solid content need to be reflected in polished slides. Here is the reboot for Scott Chaplowe.

Scott’s workshop is a great comparison between monitoring and evaluation – where they overlap and where they are similar. Scott also interacts with his attendees quite often when he presents. I wanted to make his slidedeck reflect those same dynamic elements. Scott already knew how to use animation to guide attention to certain parts of his slide, so I continued to build on that where possible.