Are You Listening? Social Listening Tips by Jayne Corso

Hi my name is Jayne Corso and I am the Community Manager for AEA. Social listening is crucial to your social media strategy and can make an impact in your overall messaging and communication planning. Listening first and acting second, should be a key approach to managing social media. Here are a few tips for improving your listening plan.

Rad Resource: Where Are People Talking About You?

Use automated tools such as Google Alerts to receive custom reports regarding keywords, your name, or the name of your company. This will help you find who is talking about you, where they are communicating, and how they are talking about you. This is a great tool for both finding content to post, and understanding how you take up space in industry conversations.

Cool Trick: Identify Influencers in Your Field

Identify influencers who you want to emulate. Listen first! See what they are talking about; understand what is receiving high engagement; and take note of the frequency of posting. You can adopt some of their practices in your own social media strategy. You can also engage them in a conversation to bring more attention to your offerings or expertise.

Cool Trick: Start Tracking!

Now that you are listening, you can start tracking your performance to identify trends and understand how you or your company is publicly perceived.  Start tracking your monthly mentions to understand if they are increasing or decreasing. You can also pay close attention to the tone of your mentions. Is it positive? Is the tone negative? Answering these questions can influence how you communicate through social media and other channels.

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