Sheila B Robinson on a “Sharing is Caring” Initiative for Evaluation 2015

Happy Weekend AEA365-ers! I’m Sheila B. Robinson, aea365’s Lead Curator and sometimes Saturday contributor and I am so excited to be headed to Chicago, IL for Evaluation 2015.

I’ve been perusing the conference schedule and as usual, have chosen 2-5 sessions to attend for each time slot. Clearly, I cannot attend them all, and thus begins the prioritizing. The thing is, no matter what session I do choose to attend, I’m always wondering what I’m missing at the others.

Enter AEA’s public eLibrary, my second choice for learning from sessions I missed at the conference. I’m afraid the eLibrary hasn’t had much press lately (last time it was featured on aea365 was here), so it’s about time I remind all of you of all it has to offer.

Hot Tip: Look for all kinds of resources in the eLibrary: Handouts from every type of session at the conference, as well as from Coffee Break Webinars and more. A few people have even uploaded Evaluation 2015 materials already, so you can sneak a peek prior to conference time! This is also a great way to get to know a little bit about some of the presenters.

There are nearly 2000 resources available to anyone willing to click on the links. Many resources in the eLibrary are quite well appreciated as is evidenced by the hundreds (some over 1000) downloads they’ve experienced. Search for just about any evaluation-related topic, and you’re certain to find something of interest.

Get Involved: If you are presenting at the conference, please consider sharing your materials in the eLibrary. You can easily upload files, links, or even Youtube videos. You will be doing a kind service to your fellow evaluators, especially those who can’t attend the conference or your session and are interested in learning from you. As is mentioned in the title of this post, ‘sharing is caring.’

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