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Developing Relationships to Support Evaluation and Learning by Trilby Smith

Hello, my name is Trilby Smith and I am the Director of Learning and Evaluation at Vancouver Foundation . We are Canada’s largest community foundation, and in my role I support grantees, foundation staff, community advisors and other stakeholders in learning principles and practices that advance knowledge and understanding of our work. I have been an evaluation practitioner for almost 20 years, and in that time, there has been one consistent theme in my work, relationships. The majority of my career has been spent practicing evaluation (and learning) alongside the people who are most affected by the program/project/initiative being evaluated.

Lesson Learned: Be clear about the purpose of your evaluation. Is it for accountability? Is it for learning? Is it for both? This purpose should drive the methods you choose, and the extent to which you invest in relationship development. Research shows that learning deepens in the presence of relationships. When we are trying to learn from what we are doing, we need valid and truthful information. The validity of your data will be increased if it is collected in the presence of strong, healthy relationships.

Rad resource: I refer people to Better Evaluation all of the time! This page is a great guide to thinking through the purpose of your evaluation

Lesson Learned: Redefine who is an expert. As evaluators, we are most often not the expert in the context that we are working in, we are expert in evaluation. The experts are those with lived experience of the issue addressed by the program/project/initiative you are evaluating. In order to engage those with lived experience in the evaluation and learning work that you are doing, you need to build relationships with them.

Rad Resources:

Here is one of my favourite blog posts about the idea of experts from Katelyn Mack at FSG

Here are some great dialogue-based, democratic tools for engaging everyone in the room on an equal footing 

And if you want to read more about our work of building relationships and engaging the experts you can read here

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